Sunday, May 30, 2010

Super Mario Cupcakes!

Melted white + colored chocolate in squirt bottles, plus black and
white icing for the eyes. Inspired by New Super Mario Bros. for Wii

Monday, May 10, 2010

Princess Tiara Cupcakes

Iced the cupcakes with pink icing, smoothed the icing, then put white sugar sprinkles. The sugar looks like diamonds maybe?

After these were in the cupcake holder I thought they needed some fairy magic wands, so it was back to the melted chocolate on wax paper. If you trail the ends to a point you can spike them right into the cupcakes.

Next time I think I will make the magic stars a bit pointier.

White Chocolate Tiaras

Next up in the princess cupcake series--I started these by drawing with sharpie on paper wrapped around glasses. Then I taped wax paper over the templates, melted some white chocolate, and followed the the pattern with the squirt bottle.

These set in 1 minute in the freezer. Don't forget to add the little pink pearl sprinkles while the chocolate is still liquid!

Making Cupcakes

I seem to be developing a specialty in decorating cupcakes for girls' birthday parties. Not sure why that theme in particular.

These are "princess crown" cupcakes. I made the crowns out of marshmallows--cut out the center with a coke can tube, then dyed them in yellow food coloring and let them dry overnight.

It was lots of fun!