Thursday, February 12, 2015

Please Stop "Space Saving" Parking Spots in Boston

The practice of parking spot "space saving" in Boston by placing objects in public parking spots is illogical and dangerous. It has been banned in some neighborhoods and should be banned city-wide.

These are public streets. Everyone has to shovel their cars out. Just because you shoveled out a spot like everyone else doesn't give you the right to hold an empty space all day long while you are at work.

Worse still, the perceived entitlement to "your" spot creates the real danger of violence and vandalism . Surely in an educated city like Boston we can let logic prevail over emotion and think of a better way to manage a scarce shared resource.

Smart parking-spot-time-sharing app, anyone?

This morning, within the 3 blocks I walked to work from my riskily-parked car, I saw no less than 35 "saved" public parking spaces, spots that are left open all day while the locals are away, yet no one is allowed to park in these open spots.

Boston people, you are absolutely nuts.

I couldn't hold it in.  I had to tweet about this, too.

Update:  Concerned citizen posted this:

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